Letter From Bob Estrella and Offer from RRCC


Hello Gilman Springs Officers,

     We at Riverside Radio Control club don't like to hear that any club is losing their field. We don't know if you have plans for another field or what's in progress for your club/members and this offer is not meant to detour any of those plans. It is offered only to have a place for your members to fly without more money coming out of their pockets until they have completed the year that they have paid for at Gilman Springs RC Flyers.

     The RRCC officers have been talking and we would like to extend this offer to you.:
     Any member of Gilman Springs RC Flyers (they must have proof of being a currently paid up Gilman Springs RC Flyer) that needs a place to fly either temporary of  permanent may come fly at the RRCC field. We would need to know what your current Membership year is for the membership of your club. We heard it was from either June to June or July to July. We would like to extend free flying to any of your club members until the end of your membership year. At that time anyone who would like to do so can join the RRCC club at a prorated rate of  $4.1666/per month until our new membership year starts which is February 1st. Example: If your membership year ends in July then you would pay 25.00 to join RRCC until the next membership renewal on February 1st.

     If Gilman Springs RC Flyers has acquired another field or made other arrangement's by the end of your membership year then there is no pressure to join the RRCC club. It's only meant to help keep your members flying during your unfortunate situation.

Thank You,
Jeff Szueber (President)
Riverside Radio Control Club

From: Robert Estrella <estrellarc321@gmail.com>
To: Bob Estrella II <REstrella1@gmail.com>
Cc: Mike Stone (GSRCF) <PBYMike@hotmail.com>
Sent: Monday, April 3, 2017 2:43 PM
Subject: Updated Consolidated Schedule of RC Events

​Hi Guys,

The Gilman Springs RC Flyers have been informed, by the new Property Owner, that the Club will be issued a Notice to Vacate within weeks. As a result, due to the uncertainty of how long we will have our Flying Site there, we have cancelled all future Gilman Springs RC Flyers Events, except for the upcoming April 8/9th Scale Masters Qualifier/School. Attached is an updated copy of the Consolidated Schedule of RC Events reflecting same.

Bob Estrella