For the purpose of this document any reference to the word ‘Event’ can also be replaced with the word ‘Contest’.


When an event is being put on of any kind, the event will have an entry fee for every pilot that is participating if deemed necessary by the Executive Board.


The Event Director is responsible for the following:


1.     Acquiring an AMA sanction for the event if deemed necessary by the Executive Board.

2.     Supplying a legible pilot roster of all pilots in the event.

3.     Collect all fees and pay all expenses for the event from the fees collected for the event.

4.     Supply the RRCC Club Treasure with an itemized list complete with receipts of all fees collected and expenses associated with the event.

5.     The event fee will be set by the Club Treasurer and the Event Director in advance of the event.

6.     It is the Event Director’s responsibility to make sure all AMA, FAA, RRCC regulations are followed and the event is run in the safest possible manor.

7.     If the Event Director is not a RRCC Member then the Event Director will work with a officer of the club to assist in running the event.