Riverside Radio Control Club Constitution

February 1, 2016


ARTICLE   I:         NAME

                                 The Name of this club shall be ‘Riverside Radio Control Club’.  The word ‘Club’         

                                  shall hereinafter suffice.


                                  Section 1.  The purpose of this club is to promote an active

                                  fellowship of those interested in flying radio controlled models.


                                  Section 2.  To encourage a high standard and proficiency in radio control modeling.


                                  Section 3.   To secure a permanent flying site and insurance for protection of others.



                                  This club shall be composed of all ages who are in agreement with this purpose.



                                  Section 1.  The elective officers of this club shall consist of the:



Vice President



Safety Officer


Section 2.  Vacancies occurring in the office of President shall be filled by the Vice President. Vacancies occurring in all other offices shall be filled by presidential appointment with unanimous approval of the Executive Board.


Section 3.  Other officer positions may be appointed by the club president and approved by a majority vote of the Executive Board and may include, but are not limited to:  Field Marshal, Newsletter Editor, Communications Director and Webmaster. Officer positions appointed by the club president and approved by a majority vote of the Executive Board will not have a vote on the Executive Board.



Section 1.  The elected officers of the club will be known collectively as the Executive Board, each officer having one (1) vote.


Section 2.  When necessary, the Executive Board shall formulate and present policy matters, in writing, to the club for ratification.


Section 3.  Those decisions of the Executive Board that do not need ratification of the membership will be decided by a majority vote of the Executive Board.


Section 4.  A quorum necessary for an Executive Board meeting shall be a minimum of four (4) elected officers.  If a vote is necessary, the missing member may be contacted by phone and cast his or her vote.


Section 5.  At any meeting of the Executive Board where club business is conducted, minutes should be taken and maintained.


Section 6.  Expenditures from the club treasury for normal field maintenance and required payments may be approved by the Executive Board up to a $500 limit.  Any expenditure above that amount must be approved by a majority vote of active members present at a monthly or special membership meeting.




Official business of the club shall be transacted at the regular or special meetings of the club, or at Executive Board meetings.



Section 1.  A quorum at any regular or special meeting shall consist of ten percent (10%) of the members in good standing as listed on the current club roster.  (For example if the most current club roster lists 80 members a voting quorum would require eight (8) members present.)  To constitute a quorum, and be qualified to vote, the individuals present must be members in good standing. 


Section 2.  A quorum of the executive board meeting shall consist of at least four (4) of its five (5) Voting members.




Section 1.  Any proposed amendment(s) to this constitution and/or By-laws shall be submitted in writing to the president at any regular meeting of the club. The proposed amendment(s) must be signed by three (3) members in good standing before being submitted. It shall be read at the meeting by the secretary. After reading, the proposed amendment shall be assigned to the Executive Board for the purpose of studying the proposed amendment to avoid possible conflict with the general scope of the constitution, it will then be voted upon by the members in good standing present at the next regular meeting.


Section 2.   A minimum of two-thirds (2/3) of the members in good standing

present must vote in favor of the amendment for it to carry. 


 Section 3.   Proxy votes will not be accepted.  An up-to-date roster should be available at the meeting to insure voting eligibility.



Each member shall maintain current A.M.A. membership as a condition of club membership. The treasurer shall be responsible for maintenance of current A.M.A. charter club membership.  FAA registration shall be as required by the AMA.



If, for any reason, the club is disbanded the executive board shall arrange to contribute all monies and/or properties of the club to the ACADEMY OF MODEL AERONAUTICS (A.M.A.).