Riverside Radio Control Club


July 25, 2005



                                 Section 1.   Membership shall consist of both seniors (age 18 and

                                 over) and juniors (under age 18) who are interested in the betterment

                                 of radio control model airplane flying.


                                 Section 2.   Membership shall not be limited.



                                  Section 1.  Membership in the club may be revoked for any of the

                                  following reasons:

1.     Non-payment of dues or lack of current A.M.A. membership.

2.     Failure to comply with the Constitution and/or By-laws.

3.     Violation of Safety/Field Regulations.


                                  Section 2.  Revocation of membership shall be the responsibility of

                                  the executive board. After investigation of any cause presented, it

                                  shall require the approval of at least five (5) members of the

                                  executive board to revoke membership. Membership fees shall be

                                  forfeited by the member who’s membership is revoked.




                                  Section 1.  Dues shall be Fifty Dollars ($50.00) per year for each 

                                  senior member and Ten Dollars ($10.00) per year for each junior

                                  member. Dues are payable on or before the first day of February

                                  each new year. New members joining after the February renewal

                                  date shall have their dues prorated on a Six (6) month basis.


                                  Section 2.   A  field assessment fee of  One hundred dollars

                                  ($100.00) for new senior members shall be payable as a condition of

                                  membership. The field assessment fee is a one time fee and is not



                                  Section 3.   A member who fails to renew their membership by

                                  March 1 will be penalized a late charge of Five Dollars ($5.00)

                                  per month in addition to the dues. If not paid within one (1) year,

                                  the person will be dropped from the membership. Reinstatement

                                  of club membership will require satisfaction of all previous dues

                                  and penalties.

                                  Section 4.   Each member shall receive a name tag and membership

                                  card provided by the club. Membership cards should always be

                                  carried and name tags worn at all club activities.


                                  Section 5.   Inactive Status: Any member in good standing may

                                  request in writing, Inactive status form the board of directors for

                                  consideration.The member will turn in the key(s), and membership

                                  card to the board when the request is submitted. Inactive status

                                  means no club bulletin/newsletter, surrender of key(s) , membership

                                  card, and revocation of all flying privileges including as a guest at

                                  the field since the person is still a member.




                                  Section 1.   Nominations of candidates for office shall be held at the

                                  regular meeting each November.


                                  Section 2.  New members shall not be eligible for nomination for

                                  any office until after they have been a member in good standing for

                                  at least Six (6) months.




                                  Section 1.    Election of officers shall be by open voting.


                                  Section 2.    The officers shall be elected in December to serve for a

                                  period of One (1) year beginning terms in January.


                                  Section 3.     Any officer may succeed himself/herself. Any member

                                  may decline the nomination to office; however, each member must

                                  be willing to work on or with any committee that he/she may be

                                  appointed to by request of the President.   


                                  Section 4.     All officers serving in the club will be issued free

                                  membership for the ensuing year.                             




                                  Section 1.    President:

1.     Shall preside at all meetings of the club and executive board and shall appoint committee chairperson.

2.     Finds ways and means to implement the clubs decisions and directives.

3.     Acts as spokesperson.

4.     Assist in hosting club events.

5.     Writes a newsletter article every month.






                    Section 2.   Vice –President(s):

1.     Shall preside at all meeting in the absence of the president.

2.     Shall be responsible for entertainment and refreshments.

3.     Assist new members.

4.     Runs and operates the raffle at the monthly club meetings.


                    Section 3.   Secretary:

                           Shall keep a complete record of all meetings in the form of minutes, and

                           give a report at regular meetings and executive board meetings as

                           directed by the presiding officer.


                    Section 4.   Treasurer:

1.     Shall collect all dues and be responsible for all money of the club, keep an accurate account of all income and expenditures of the club funds, give a report at regular meetings as directed by the presiding officer.

2.     Shall be responsible for applying for and keeping current the club’s AMA charter membership.

3.     Official club correspondent with AMA, City and County of Riverside, and any other outside organizations.

4.     Maintain the official club rooster. Make said rooster available at any time on request.

5.     Writes and signs all club checks.  (All checks are approved by a majority vote of the club meeting or executive board meeting attendees.)


                    Section 5.   Field Marshall(s):

                           Shall monitor all club flying activities. Enforce all field rules and the

                           safety code.


                    Section 6.   Newsletter Editor:

1.     Shall be responsible for publishing the club newsletter once each month. Shall be responsible for maintaining the policies established by the By-Laws and the Executive Board for the club newsletter. Shall be responsible for publishing and distributing the newsletter at a minimum cost consistent with the established editorial policy; in any case, the average cost shall not exceed the approved budget. Shall further submit receipts for all cost to the club Treasurer.

2.     Shall maintain an up-to-date list of club newsletter recipients, as approved by the Executive Board.

3.     Maintain relationships with advertisers.









                                  It shall be the policy of this club that drinking of alcoholic

                                  beverages or being under the influence of alcohol while attending

                                  any meeting or flying session will be considered detrimental to the

                                  best interest of the club.




                                  Section 1.  Special committees will be appointed by the Executive

                                  Board as needed.




                                  Section 1.   Meetings of the Executive Board will be held when

                                  deemed necessary by the president.


                                  Section 2.   The regular business meeting will be held on the Fourth

                                  (4th) Wednesday of each month, except in November and December.

                                  On These months the meeting will be held on the Third (3rd)

                                  Wednesday of the month.


                                  Section 3.   Special meetings of the club may be held at a place,

                                  time and date to be determined by the president.



                                  All members are welcome to bring guest or prospective members to

                                  the club meetings or invite then to fly at the club flying site.


                                  The following conditions exist for non-members flying at the club


A.    Non-members must have a current AMA membership.

B.    Non-members must abide by all on-site rules.

C.    Non-members must be accompanied by a club member.

D.    Non-members are limited to Three (3) guest flying sessions at the club flying site. Exceptions to be voted on by the Executive Board.








                                  Section 1.   Name:

                                  The club newsletter shall be named “PROP



                                  Section 2.   Purpose:

                                  The purpose of “PROP TALK” , hereinafter called newsletter, shall

                                  be to inform the club members of the past and future club activities

                                  and to provide information of general interest to the club.


                                  Section 3.   Editorial Policy:

                                  The newsletter shall have as its primary purpose:

A.    To inform members of official club business including the place, time and purpose of any club activity and the results of such activity.

B.    To keep all members knowledgeable of all members of the club thru a “Pilot Profile” column.

C.    To inform all recipients of the newsletter of affairs which are of general interest (both official and un-official) or which may serve to promote the club welfare.


                                  Section 4.   Editorial Policy:

                                  The newsletter shall have as its secondary purpose:

A.     The publication of technical and model building and flying articles that are considered to be of general  interest to the club, but which are not generally available.

B.      The publication of dates of coming model and aviation events that are club, local or national.

C.      The publication of monthly articles covering various model publications.

D.     The publication of the monthly raffle prizes and their winners.

E.      The publication of photos of club activities.

F.      The dissemination of club information to “Friends of the Club” and to model or other club publications approved by the Executive Board.

G.     The publication of news of other clubs or individuals of specific interest to the club but not generally available.


                                  Section 5.   Distribution:

                                  The newsletter shall be sent to all paid-up members of the club. The

                                  newsletter may be sent to national model publications, the

                                  Academy of Model Aeronautics, “Friends of the Club”, and other

                                  model clubs or to individuals upon approval of the Executive Board,

                                  but subject to the limitations of the budget approved for the


                    ** Clarification of Article III Section 3 of the By-Laws: Any member who has let his membership lapse will be subject to prior dues and penalties per the By-Laws. (Currently Fifty dollars ($50.00)  for the past dues and Five dollars ($5.00) per month penalty for a maximum of One Hundred and Ten Dollars ($110.00) since after one year a member is dropped from membership and not liable for any further penalty.) However, any member who lets his membership lapse prior to July 1992 (The date of the Revised By-Laws whish introduced the penalty clause) will not be subject to the Five dollar ($5.00) per month penalty, but will be subject to past dues up to the amount of current dues. (At this time,

            Fifty dollars ($50.00).) Dues will be prorated in Six (6) month increments.


                    The above clarification was a decision made at an Executive Board meeting held April 19,1995 and updated June,1997 to correspond with the dues increase from Thirty dollars ($30.00) to Fifty Dollars ($50.00) as of July 1, 1997.